Main Features
Charging Function Design for 2 or 4 pcs AA/AAA NH/NC batteries.
Reverse Polarity Protection Specially designed slots prevent incorrect polarity connection of the batteries.
Timer Control Protection The charger automatically detects the charging time and cuts off the main charging current after 10hrs.
LED Indicators: Charging: the Green LED is flashing
                              Full: the Green LED is constant on
Type of Battery
Charging time
Ni-MH AA 2100mAh
10 h
Ni-MH AA 2000mAh
9 h
Ni-MH AAA 1100mAh
10 h
Ni-MH AAA 800mAh
7 h
Ni-Cd AA 1000mAh
4 h
Ni-Cd AAA 300mAh
2 h

USB Battery Charger


Input: 5V== 500mA
2 x (2.8V==300 mA) AA size
2 x (2.8V==150 mA) AAA size
Timer control: 10 hours   

Charger Details
Charges Battery Type
  • Ni-MH
  • Ni-Cd
Battery Size / Slots No' AA /AAA
Charging Channels 2 Channels
Plug In USB Input
Additional Plugs / Options
Available Colors
  • White (Bright)
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