Today's Ready to Use Battery

Today’s end-user wants batteries that work right away and work longer. The new Camelion AlwaysReady battery combines the ready to use convenience of dry cells with the economical and environmental benefits of rechargeable batteries. The result is a battery that is easier to use than ever before. AA Battery Details AAA Battery Details

Easy You can use the Camelion AlwaysReady battery right out of the package. With new EASEETM technology to improve self-discharge properties there is no need to charge the first time. Open the packaging, remove the batteries and plug them in- that’s all!

Always Ready To Use The Camelion AlwaysReady battery can keep its charge for longer than most rechargeable batteries on the market today - up to 12 months. Most rechargeable batteries lose about 20% of their charge in the first 30 days after charging. Now, after just 1 charge you can store your battery up to a year and use it anytime. No need to charge it up again. Just like a dry-cell battery!

Save Money Because The Camelion AlwaysReady battery has rechargeable battery properties, it can be charged up to 1000 times. It is just like having 1000 dry cell batteries in just one battery!

Excellent performance in digital cameras and high drain devices.
• The Camelion Always Ready battery is more powerful and long lasting than most dry-cell batteries. In digital cameras it supports up to 6 times more photos compared to regular alkaline batteries*.
• Even in ultra- low and ultra-high temperature conditions,it displays superior power characteristics and long-usage times. This makes it the natural choice for outdoor activities and photography.
• In many high drain devices, short circuits can occur, impairing battery performance. Compared to standard Ni-MH batteries the Always Ready battery can recover up energy after a short circuit, allowing one to continue taking photos or listening to songs!

Environment Protect the Environment by using 1 battery to replace hundreds of dry cells. The Camelion AlwaysReady battery has an eco-ready design, right from the battery to the packaging. It can be used several times over, eliminating the hassle of disposing of batteries. The environmental-friendly design enables recycling, thus contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

How Does the AlwaysReady battery work?
The Camelion AlwaysReady battery uses a nickel hydroxide compound anode and an oxide absorbing alloy for the cathode. These sophisticated materials are combined with Camelion proprietary EASEETM technology to help ensure you get unbeatable high performance and dependability for digital cameras and other high drain devices. The AlwaysReady Battery FAQ