Solar Chargers


Camelion solar chargers draw clean, free energy from the sun, minimizing environmental pollution and consumption of precious natural resources. They offer consumers many benefits:
  • Save Money by reducing electricity consumption and by using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries. See details about rechargeable battery savings in our free white paper.
  • Reduce Global Warming by minimizing electricity consumption and traditional oil and coal based sources of energy.
  • Easy to Use Just plug in the batteries, place the exposed solar panels in a bright place and let the charger do its work! The small, light design is ideal for people on the move, such as backpackers and other outdoorsmen.
  • A Practical Educational Tool to educate your family and friends about clean energy.

How it Works?

Energy from the sunlight is converted directly to electrical energy that is stored in the battery. The solar energy panes on the charger are designed to collect energy from the sun's rays and are durable and weather resistant. Batteries can be charged in 2-12 days depending upon the intensity of the sunlight and the desired battery capacity.


Solar Charger SBC3001
The new Camelion Solar Charger charges up to 2 pairs AA or 1 pair AAA Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries with built-in solar panel and USB.