Digital cameras, cordless phones, toy racing cars and other entertainment devices have special power requirements. Choose the right battery packs for your fun gadgets and tools.



For More Pictures, Movies & Fun

  • Long lasting Li-Ion battery packs
  • Quick recharge capability
  • No memory effect
  • 100% compatibility with original manufacturing specifications
  • Excellent rate-discharge performance
  • High working voltages and long cycle life
  • Safe batteries
  • Industrial quality standards
  • Light weight for portability
  • Environmentally friendly energy
Digital Camera Camcorder


For Instant Reactions

Instant reactions demand unique power. Camelion racing car batteries are designed to support the high demands of mobile power units such as racing car toys.

Battery Stick Packs Single Cell Stick Pack Chargers

Batteries for Multiple Uses

This line includes a complete range of cordless phone battery models to meet cordless phone requirements.
Ni-MH Ni-Cd

Batteries for Fixed Wireless Phone

The Fixed wireless phone looks like an ordinary telephone, in fact, it is a mobile phone. Its core technology is GSM/CDMA mobile communication system. It uses mobile phone number, offering consumers texting, internet access and other popular features. Camelion offers a broad line of batteries to support these new phones so consumers can play and talk longer than before.

  • High Energy Density and Capacity
  • Long Life
  • Broad Selection of battery models
  • Economical prices
  • Support for a broad range of wireless phone models including Huawei and ZTE models


Batteries for Greater Safety and Long Life

Residential smoke alarms and detectors are devices that detect smoke and give warning of potential fire situations. Most use 9-volt alkaline or carbon-zinc batteries. Lithium batteries can run for several years without replacement and are optimal for high drain devices. Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries should not be used in smoke detectors.

  • Up to 4X Longer Lasting (Lithium)*
  • Low Self Discharge
  • Anti leakage crimp design
  • Up to 10 Year Shelf Life (Lithium 5 years)
  • High And Stable Operating Voltage

Safety Note: Remember to check or replace at least once every 12 months, on easily remembered dates such as one's birthday or daylight savings time clock changes. Follow smoke detector device manufacturer cautions and warnings.