Faster, Safer and Easier to Use

Specially designed to maximize battery performance and life-time,Camelion Chargers meet various needs and speeds. They can fast charge in as little as 15 minutes, have multiple levels of safety protection and optional microprocessor technology

Today's Ready to Use Battery

This ready to use battery not only holds its charge up to a year but can be used right away.

  • Use out of the box
  • Holds its charge up to a year
  • Up to 6X more photos
  • Saves money by recharging
  • No harmful chemicals like lead and cadmium


Batteries for Long Life

  • These products offer you up to 1000 charging cycles-a considerable savings on your investment.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal battery for powering today's high-tech equipment.


Batteries for Economical Power

These economic rechargeable batteries can last up to 1000 charge-cycles. They have a flat highdischarge slope and are ideal for all digital and high drain battery applications. An initial high discharge is particularly good for digital cameras and electronic tools.

  • More than 500 charge-discharge cycles.
  • Integrated overcharge & discharge protection circuits.
  • Holds 85% charge over 6 months.
  • Innovative anode design offers higher applicability./