When you need powerful &
long lasting batteries, try Camelion!

Today's Longer Life Battery

Exceptional Performance for High Drain Devices such as Flash/Digital Cameras, Music Players, Remote Control Vehicles, Metal Detectors, Flashlights, PDAs.

Battery for Maximum Single Use Power

Camelion Digi Alkaline batteries offer the maximum capacity from a single use battery.

Battery for Instant Power

Camelion Plus Alkaline batteries are built to readily start up high drain devices with dynamic instantaneous power. In addition:
  • Delivers a stable current for several hours
  • Has long lasting power and shelf life
  • Is ideal for most high power operated devices such as CD players, toys, PDAs,electric games, radios, flashlights and remote controls.

The Camelion Super Heavy Duty Battery uses manganese dioxide for the positive active material, and zinc chloride, ammonium chloride for the electrolyte. This unique construction is specially designed to ensure the product is leakage proof and has a long shelf and service life. It supplies economical power for a wide range of devices such as flashlights, radio cassettes, recorders, remote controls and clocks.

Camelion Heavy Duty is a green economic energy solution for a wide range of everyday devices such as flashlights, radio, remote controls and clocks. No mercury and cadmium is added.

Batteries for Watches & Small Gadgets

Small electronic items demand even smaller batteries. Camelion button cells provide high energy in small packages. They are suitable for car keys, calculators, cameras, hearing aids and many other electronic gadgets.
  • Light and comfortable
  • Digital hearing aid compatible
  • Reliable, steady power output
  • Easy to use
  • Leading edge technology

For Camera

Camelion Photo Batteries offer durability and high performance. These products use high quality lithium technology specially designed for camera use. Shelf life is up to an outstanding 8 years.

Power to Listen longer

Dependable Camelion hearing aid batteries combine long life and high performance.
  • Long shelf life Up to 2 Years
  • Flexible Work well in high humidity areas
  • Large size cartons for economical bulk purchases
  • Qwik Change battery dispenser